What is an escape room?

First launched in 2007 by a company in Japan, escape rooms are a live interactive puzzle experience based on the computer game of the early noughties. The idea is simple - enter a game, with a theme and a story line, and use team work and logic to solve a series of puzzles to 'escape' the room.


What makes Riddlr different?

We are an independent Bristol company who hand build all our puzzles and props, and never buy games "off the shelf".  We are proud of our rooms and have a passion for creating wonderful, immersive escape rooms that leave you feeling like you have truly left your ordinary world. 


How do I play?

The basic theory of an escape room is that it should be fun for everyone, no matter your ability.  The most important things are team work, curiosity and common sense.  The puzzles are built around ‘search and discover’ and by matching items, clues or themes together you should be able to solve all of the puzzles.  You will not need to do advanced science or mathematics and you will never need to use force or strength to break or modify anything.  So as long as you are curious and prepared to explore, you and your team will do well, and have fun!


How much is it?

Prices start from £19 per person per event but look out for promotional codes and special offers and student discounts throughout the year.  We can negotiate special pricing for private parties, corporate bookings, hen and stag parties and full venue bookings.  Please contact us for further details.


Is my purchase secure?

Yes, our purchasing is entirely handled by a reputable third party transaction provider.


Where can I park?

There is free parking for two hours just 60 seconds walk from our venue at Cecil Road and Bank Road carparks (Sat Nav - BS15 8LS).  You can also find parking at Kings Chase Shopping Centre (Sat Nav - BS15 8LP),PLEASE NOTE-if parking here , THIS CARPARK CLOSES AT 6.15PM all parking is just minutes walk from us.  There is also a small selection of on-street parking on some of the neighbouring roads but please respect our local residents and avoid private land or Resident Parking Zones.


When should I arrive?

There is a ten minute safety and gameplay briefing before your escape experience so all participants should be ready and on site at least ten minutes before the start of your game time.


Is it suitable for children?

Whilst we do not have overly explicit or elicit materials within the rooms, there are some adult themes in some of our narratives and we have sculpted the puzzles to an adult difficulty level, therefore we ask that all players are at least 13 years old and that those under the age of 16 are accompanied by at least one full-paying playing adult in each room (n.b. This adult will form part of the room capacity). 


Is it suitable for the disabled or people with mobility issues?

Sadly our Bristol venue is not wheelchair accessible however we will try our hardest to accommodate all people. Some of our games are more physical than others and the best bet is to discuss your needs and any concerns with us. We will be able to recommend the best game for you and if possible do anything we can to accommodate your team.


How difficult is it?

It should be possible for all players but there is a way to get clues if you are stuck.


What should I wear?

Our rooms are all indoors but we would recommend sensible clothes and footwear for mild physical activity.  Be prepared as you may need to crawl under something or reach into a dark hole to find the next clue.


Opening Hours?

Monday/Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - 2:30pm to 9:00pm

Thursday to Sunday - 11:00am to 9:00pm